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Susan Doherty • Preston

Ruby and I had an amazing experience yesterday from our visit from Stuart and Spirit. The depth and insight that was given was mind blowing with its accuracy. It left Ruby and I feeling an even closer bond that can only get stronger from our new knowledge of each other. I can't thank you both enough for your insight and healing.


Chloe Simpson‎ 

To say I am amazed by today's visit is an understatement! Absolutely brilliant! Me and my mum had Rainbow Healing out to Barney, he told us about his past life, present and future. Our connections with him, his memory's and what he thinks about us. We could relate to so much that he got through, without any information from us he was able to tell us so much about our Barney boy and even I got a little comfort from my angel Apollo, knowing he is happy and at peace. I can't thank you enough for coming out to Barney and William, would highly recommend.


Rachel Calvert‎ • Farington

Wow is all I can say it was lovely to find

out what brandy aka spotty donkey felt and thought, it all made sense. I can't get over how accurate it all was, I was super sceptical at first but all the things that

were said and explained no one knows

bar me. I will definitely be booking again for my 5 dogs and myself thankyou to

you and spirit xx


Diane Elleray Beardsworth

• Walton le Dale 

Thank you for visiting Cosmic today you truly did pick up on stuff only I know particularly an old injury on her back leg causing her some pain...but also her personality which you can't know without riding her ...thank you once again xxx

Beverly Ann Gaffney

Just wanted to say a huge thank you from both myself and our rescue dogs. Stuart you are a truly amazing man! Had I not seen what you can do with my own eyes I genuinely wouldn't have believed it! Alfie the mad separation anxiety riddled lab was putty in his hands and for the first time since he has been in rescue, is sound asleep in the hall ON HIS OWN! Heidi our foster Westie who Stuart told us had bowel issues, has been to the vets and got the medication for, you guessed it, bowel issues! Her transformation from timid little terrier to loveable old girl I wouldn't have believed! I could go on and on but will finish by saying I can thoroughly recommend Stuart and I can't thank him enough for helping our dogs!

Amy-Kate Ward‎ • Walton le Dale

Myself and my girls Maggie and Paige had the pleasure of meeting Stuart today. I was absolutely blown away! He's never met me or my horses but it was like he knew them inside out, including all of their quirks and personality... cannot recommend him enough and hope to have him again xxx

Pammy Chaps‎ 

We have two wonderful working Cocker Spaniels, Coco and Boo. Coco is so laid back and friendly, where as Boo is afraid of her own shadow. She barks along with Coco on the arrival of any visitors friends or otherwise, and where as Coco then greets them tail wagging and seeking attention, Boo cowered away, tail between her legs terrified. This worried me and my family as we hated seeing her so withdrawn. On the 12th June 2016, I had a visit from Stuart Wilson, a wonderful loving gentleman, and animal healer. He worked over the following weeks with Boo at our home and also whilst at his home, the results have been amazing. She barks along with Coco on the arrival of visitors, but then goes up to them tail wagging, no fear. Several of our friends and family have called and have been truly amazed at the difference in her. Stuart has this wonderful calming feeling about him. When he has left after each session, Boo has slept peacefully for hours. I myself feel a sense of peace when he has been. I respect this gentleman so much and cannot praise his work with spirit enough. thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Sending lots of love and best wishes to you your wife and Lexi. Thank you so much I will never forget you.

Lynn Griffiths

Hi Stuart I am writing this on behalf of my parents Mr & Mrs Wright and Harry the dog. Before you saw them Harry was nervous and upset by loud noises and would bark incessantly when upset. From your first visit there was a marked difference that I and my sister could see. You have made such a difference to not only Harry's quality of life but also to my parents life. They are all more at peace. I would not hesitate to recommend you. Many many thanks Lynn Griffiths x

Sharon Hoyle

I would just like to pass on my story in the hope that people that are in the same position don't give up on there beloved neds or pets without ringing this man, he is a genuine talented caring and sincere person that has a gift that is not to be ignored. I first contacted Stuart a few months ago following a recommendation from a friend. My mare was very stressed and unsettled resulting in extremely aggressive and unusual behaviour, it was quite prominent, she had underlying issues that I just couldn't put my finger on, there were no external clues to go from, she was that bad if I tried to put a rug on her let alone tack her up the legs come flying out along with the teeth. She was also cribbing which she never does, I was at my wits end. Stuart didn't waste any time coming to see her. His first few visits were probably very trying for him as my mare wasn't very co-operative although Stuart and spirit were still giving us guidance, which at the time I struggled to make sense of. It was probably the fourth visit when we actually started to make progress, making sense of things and fitting the jigsaw puzzle together. To just highlight some of the major issues Storm had... She was suffering with COPD silently, Stuart had told me spirit was showing him a form of what now appeared to be a nebuliser, Storm also had pain down her back legs, swapping weekly sometimes one to the other, Stuart had signs from spirit of a triangular joint which appeared to be her S.I Joint, this is what was most likely causing the pain in her legs Stuart and spirit also told me Storm was irritated with her skin, although I knew she had sweet itch and was treating that as I always had done, her fur then after Stuart had mentioned her skin, started to thin in certain areas, I addressed all the problems I had been made aware of and all in all I now have, thanks to Stuart and Spirit , a happy healthy horse that is back to the mare I know and love. Thank you so much Stuart and Spirit all our love Sharon and Stormy xx

Michelle Bradley‎ • Meltham

Would just like to thank & recommend everyone to invite Rainbow Healing to help their animals, Stuart & spirit have done amazing things with my horses

from Skye who had shut me out to Grace who was struggling with lami to my old boy Harley who was a bit under par thank you so much and see you in a couple of weeks. If anyone would like more info please contact Stuart.

Simone Lowe 

Over a year ago my beautiful boy started with a number of unexplained symptoms non of which seemed to link together and he soon became a very poorly boy.  The vets tried everything and referred him to a specialist hospital where I had to watch my horse have numerous large holes drilled into his head, 2 teeth removed with the risk of going blind due to their location and a filling in a 3rd tooth. He went off his food, he became depressed and I could see in his eyes that I was running out of options... my boy was getting tired.

The yard owner happened to invite an animal healer and medium to see her horse and I jumped on desperate to try anything to help my loyal, gentle friend. Stuart Wilson had no idea who I was or that he would be seeing my horse that day. As soon as he approached Prado it was clear to see that Stuart suddenly felt very unwell and went on to describe our story of heartache along with Prado's many symptoms. The connection between him and Prado was immediate and it was obvious that Stuart made Prado feel something he hadn't in a very long time... the possibility of hope.

He told me that Prado was feeling very sickly with bad pains in his lower stomach and small intestine and that he had a wheat intolerance along with the need for a change in feeds. He was able to tell me about Prado's past where he was beat with a crow bar and feared for his life after a relationship breakdown between his 2 owners (all of which I already knew). Stuart continued to visit Prado weekly alongside continued hospital visits and various trials of medication, feeds and supplements. He insisted each time that there was something wrong with Prado's stomach and small intestines and so I spoke with the vet for a gastroscopy.

Prado was taken in and that day was diagnosed with Grade 3 ulceration of the lower stomach and small intestines very likely to have been made worse with the proven wheat intolerance and cereal feed... exactly what Stuart had said all along. The symptoms he had been showing were not all typical of ulcers (some completely far from it) but Stuart remained adamant that we weren't getting to the real problem.

If I hadn't experienced this for myself, I would have been sceptical... but I can honestly say hand on heart that if it wasn't for Stuart and the work he did, we may have never diagnosed my boy and allowed him a new chance at life. I owe you so very much Stuart and simply cannot thank you enough, my boy now has 'life' in his beautiful eyes and is finally back to his happy self ready for his 13th birthday this month.

You are truly amazing, an inspiration and we will never, ever forget how you helped to save my boy Prado.

Thank you Stuart, thank you so so much xx

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